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IT Buyers Community of Practice


The IT Buyers Community of Practice (ITB CoP) is chartered under the CIO Council’s Enterprise Operations Committee (E-ops), The purpose of the ITB CoP is to create a community of federal IT buyers to share their experience and scale expertise across government. The ITB CoP brings together the acquisition programs at agencies, contract vehicle programs, and procurement specialists from across government to solve common challenges.

The IT Buyers Community maintains a CoP MAX page with additional resources available to government users.

Interested in the latest updates related to federal IT acquisitions? Learn about upcoming events, training opportunities, updates, and connect with fellow IT acquisitions professional by joining the the ITB CoP Listserv.

To subscribe to the IT Buyers CoP listserv please complete the registration form below:

CoP Registration

What We Do

The ITB CoP helps agencies procure IT faster and smarter by creating a shared space where IT buyers throughout the government can help each other solve problems and leverage the buying power of the entire federal government.

Who We Are

We are a community of diverse federal professionals looking to leverage our respective expertise to collaborate on better IT acquisition strategies and approaches for the benefit of our agencies and all of the government.

The ITB CoP is supported by a partner team made up of the CIO Council’s Enterprise Operations Committee (E-ops), Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC), the IT Vendor Management Office (ITVMO), and the major IT Best in Class (BIC) Contract Vehicle from GSA, DOD, NASA, and NIH.

Membership to the ITB CoP is government-only. The IT Buyers CoP will periodically conduct events with industry and vendor participants. Government-only membership restrictions allow federal IT Buyers to solve potentially vendor-specific or otherwise sensitive issues in a closed environment.


  • John Radziszewski, ITVMO Director
  • Kyra Stewart, ITVMO Program Manager
  • Andrea Brandon, Deputy Assistant Secretary, DOI
  • Erin Collard, Associate Deputy Assistant Administration, EPA
  • Jenna Mathieson, Deputy Director, FDIC

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact the ITB CoP email at