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    As a governmentwide intelligence center, we are always looking for internal and external contributors to help us evolve our repository of resources and data. We invite you to share your expertise, perspectives, and resources to strengthen governmentwide procurement practices. We are seeking insights, intelligence, and information to normalize the procurement of emerging technologies, boost market equity through small business utilization, enhance zero trust cybersecurity knowledge, and build a more robust software supply chain. Through this we hope to advance interoperability, mitigate risks, and improve the effectiveness of the government.

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    Please submit the “Contribute” form before navigating to the upload file page. Ensure that you use the same email on the “Upload Page” as the “Contribute” form. Its mandatory that all files that you upload comply with Section 508 Guidelines

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    The ITVMO serves as a one-stop-shop for IT acquisition intelligence to inform smarter, faster IT buying decisions. Are you looking for something that you cannot find? Do you have a question for one of our programs or domain experts? Do you need help? Connect and contact us today.

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