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Annual Leading Edge Technologies Report

Annual Leading Edge Technologies Report icon


The ITVMO authors the Leading Edge Technologies Report to explore emerging technologies and innovative solutions that are disrupting IT acquisitions in the federal marketplace. The reports present an overview of leading edge technology segments and are intended to spur dialogue and information exchange among federal IT buyers. The reports identify emerging technology and procurement trends that will impact agencies' IT buying on a yearly basis. The reports are assessed and updated annually.

ITVMO Technology Portfolio Objectives

  • Support identification, categorization, and optimization of IT products and services within the public sector.
  • Provide advisory services to enable more efficient adoption of modernization, emerging technology, and cost-cutting solutions.
  • Promote better long-term technology planning to strengthen governmentwide interoperability and collaboration across agencies.
  • Partner with other government groups to make government procurement data more accessible and available to agencies.

Topics include but are not limited to: technology segments in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain technologies, robotic process automation, and big data/advanced analytics. This list is constantly evolving. Check out the ITVMO’s reports below.

Current Fiscal Year Report

Past Fiscal Year Reports

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