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Small Business Support

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The ITVMO boosts small business utilization and participation in the Federal IT marketplace by promoting best practices to improve small businesses access to government contracting and agency identification of where to use small businesses to achieve their mission goals.

Small Business Support


The ITVMO works to provide actionable information to small businesses, contract vehicles, and agencies on how small businesses can meet the sophisticated and emerging information technology needs of the federal government. Through speakers, web content, data analysis, and white papers, the ITVMO offers practical guidance to educate small businesses, agencies, and policymakers.

  • Engaging with industry groups to develop sharable content to support successful acquisition opportunities for small businesses.
  • Supporting and working with agencies to solve common challenges and identify opportunities for small business acquisitions.
  • Developing data analysis relevant to policy makers supporting market equity and small business needs.

Did you know that the ITVMO has a small business liaison? Email us at Whether you are a small business or looking to further utilize small businesses to meet your agency mission needs -- email us today!

The ITVMO is continuously working with small business federal and industry partners to organize and host small business focused educational events. Check the Events page for upcoming small business engagement events.

Small Business Contract Support

Agency Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Programs and Related Small Business Resources

Small Business Data

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Market & IT Data Intelligence

Agencies IT Buyers looking to boost their utilization of small business check out our Small Business Research

Frequently Asked Questions

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For Contractors

This FAQ is intended to assist small businesses with finding contracting opportunities with the IT BIC vehicles and increase the number of small businesses in the federal IT marketplace.

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For IT BIC Solution Owners

This FAQ is intended to help the IT BIC Solution Owners continue to meet and/or exceed the Government-wide IT Category Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Small Business (SB) utilization goal of 39%.

Help us to unite buyers, vehicles, and suppliers to make smarter, faster IT acquisitions.