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IT Buyers Training & Support

IT Buyers Training & Support icon

The ITVMO offers a mix of accredited and general session forums for educational training and upskilling our IT and acquisition workforce.

IT Buyers Training & Support


The ITVMO provides a one-stop-shop for IT acquisition intelligence to inform smarter, faster IT buying decisions. We do this through:

  • Generating and increasing the use of IT acquisition knowledge and best practices to include federal procurement data, standard terms and conditions, and technology strategies.
  • Fielding, consulting, and supporting agency IT buyers on their IT acquisition strategies and upcoming procurements.
  • Acting as the information conduit between the Federal IT vendors and agencies, helping to guide two-way communication and serve as a single point of contact for the federal government.

Continue reading to understand more on our services and solutions available to aid IT Buyers.


The Administration has emphasized the need to continuously invest and modernize our acquisition workforce. The acquisition workforce performs a vital role in evolving our Federal IT Marketplace. As such, we recognize the importance of providing opportunities for IT acquisition professionals to maintain a current knowledge base, develop critical thinking abilities, and have an awareness of innovations and leading-edge technologies to achieve successful acquisition outcomes.

The ITVMO has partnered with the Federal Acquisition Institute to leverage their CornerStone onDemand (CSOD) Program to accreditate many of the training webinars and events offered on our Events page and through our domain experts and partners. Depending on the topics, information presented, and duration 1 to 4+ continuing learning points (CLP) may be awarded for participation in one of our training opportunities.

Don’t see a training offering that you would like to attend? Contact Us to share your training topic interests and areas for improvement.

Agency Knowledge Sharing

As a broker of IT acquisition intelligence requests, the ITVMO works across the community and fellow agency IT Buyers to gather and increase the availability of standards, best practices, and guides. To further support the growing increase in agency specific requests, the ITVMO provides an agency knowledge sharing forum on .

On the site you will find instructions for reviewing current questions or information requests, how to submit a response to a current request and how to submit requests on behalf of your agency. Questions are available in individual excel spreadsheets, titled by subject matter so that it is easy to find your areas of knowledge, expertise or even interest.

ITVMO Agency Knowledge Sharing Form

ITVMO Agency Knowledge Sharing Form image

As questions are answered and closed, the file will be marked “Closed” but will still be available for review by current and new acquisition professionals so that if an agency has a similar question in the future, the previously collected information is available for their use as well as the original submitters.

This process allows agency representatives, contracting officers, contracting officer representatives, program managers, and domain experts to come in and review requests and submit information they think would be useful for the requesting agency. It also allows the requesting agency to monitor their open requests for updates from others and engage with those agencies who they think can best support their ongoing requests.

This knowledge forum is expected to continue to grow and we hope you find it useful. Contact Us for more information or log in to the Agency Knowledge Sharing Portal today!

Additional IT Buyers Support

To further field, consult, and support agency IT buyers on their IT acquisition strategies and upcoming procurements, we provide roadside assistance. This means we are available to take on ad hoc agency requests and agency-specific IT buying questions

We have also launched the ITVMO’s Contract Review Service (CRS) which offers subject matter expertise and guidance via targeted, agency-specific software contract reviews to better prepare agencies for their next renewal.

We work across our community and network to get the information needed to address your needs. Contact Us if you are seeking further assistance and IT buying help for your next purchase or agency acquisition planning.

IT Buyers Toolkit


The IT Buyers Toolkit is maintained and updated through the IT Buyers Community of Practice within the ITVMO. This toolkit produces and increases use of ITVMO, IT Buyers CoP, and partner IT acquisition knowledge and best practices to include federal procurement data, standard terms and conditions, and technology strategies.

This training resource provides an 8-part information series on OEM operating practices to educate agency IT buyers and help them achieve a stronger negotiating position.

IT Buyers Community of Practice


The IT Buyers Community of Practice (ITB CoP) is chartered under the CIO Council’s Enterprise Operations Committee (E-ops), The purpose of the ITB CoP is to create a community of federal IT buyers to share their experience and scale expertise across government. The ITB CoP brings together the acquisition programs at agencies, contract vehicle programs, and procurement specialists from across government to solve common challenges.

The IT Buyers Community maintains a Connect.Gov External icon page with additional resources available to government users.

Interested in the latest updates related to federal IT acquisitions? Learn about upcoming events, training opportunities, updates, and connect with fellow IT acquisitions professional by joining the ITB CoP Listserv.

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IT Buyers Government Portal

What We Do

The ITB CoP helps agencies procure IT faster and smarter by creating a shared space where IT buyers throughout the government can help each other solve problems and leverage the buying power of the entire federal government.

We take a whole-of-government approach – we’re agency, vendor, vehicle neutral– helping us to unify the Federal IT Community for the greater good. This includes

  • IT marketplace buyers -- the agency contracting officers, program managers, specialists, and end users. Answering what we need to meet our federal agency mission ne eds and continue to transform our federal government.
  • IT suppliers -- original equipment manufacturers (OEM), value-added resellers (VARs), and small businesses. Helping us understand industry best practices through proven, reliable common IT goods and services as well as emerging technology trends.
  • IT Vehicles -- Governmentwide Acquisition Contract Vehicles (GWACs) and Best-in-Class (BIC) solution holders. Aiding to buy common IT products and services consistently and for the best price.
  • Federal IT Marketplace leaders -- leadership and programs across government and the providing industry (e.g., private-public partnerships). Informing and influencing the priorities and identifying needs (as well as strategies) to transform the way the Federal IT marketplace is run.

Who We Are

We are a community of diverse federal professionals looking to leverage our respective expertise to collaborate on better IT acquisition strategies and approaches for the benefit of our agencies and all of the government.

The ITB CoP is supported by a partner team made up of the CIO Council’s Enterprise Operations Committee (E-ops), Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC), the IT Vendor Management Office (ITVMO), and the IT Best in Class (BIC) Contract Vehicle from GSA, DOD, NASA, and NIH.

Membership to the ITB CoP is government-only. The IT Buyers CoP will periodically conduct events and working groups with industry and vendor participants. Government-only membership restrictions allow federal IT Buyers to solve potentially vendor-specific or otherwise sensitive issues in a closed environment.

We connect, engage, and partner across the Federal Marketplace -- partnering with other governmentwide programs and communities of practice. Check out our Community page to see our partners and allies.


  • John Radziszewski, ITVMO Director
  • Kyra Stewart, IT Buyers CoP Program Coordinator
  • Andrea Brandon, Deputy Assistant Secretary, DOI (sponsor)
  • Erin Collard, Associate Deputy Assistant Administration, EPA (sponsor)
  • Jenna Mathieson, Deputy Director, FDIC (sponsor)

How to Get Involved

There are many great opportunities to connect, engage, solve, and train within the IT Buyers Community Practice. Subscribe to our IT Buyers listserv and monitor our Events page for upcoming engagement opportunities and announcements.

  • Annual Summit -- In-person event bringing both industry and government together to foster collaboration and increase knowledge sharing on IT acquisition contract strategies, Best-in-Class IT vehicle solutions, and federal marketplace opportunities for small businesses. Event is typically held in the second half of the fiscal year.
  • Quarterly Community Meetings -- Topics are driven by member interests. We’ll look to subject matter experts and agency representatives to present on their related experiences, offering best practices and lessons learned. Quarterly meetings are the fourth Thursday of every 3-months from 2-3pm EST.
  • Monthly IT Buyers Bulletins -- Blog-like articles highlighting latest trends in IT acquisitions and the government contracting sector. These bulletins help to promote available resources, tools, and data available on these up and coming trends to help IT buyers adopt and infuse into their day-to-day. Bulletins are released to the IT Buyers COP subscriber list monthly, on the last Tuesday of every month..
  • Office Hours -- Sessions will be interactive, allowing for question-answer and collaboration. May include representatives from key OEMs or ITVMO partners to address specific agency scenarios to include but not limited to: OEM Terms & Conditions; vehicle and small business utilization; data; etc. Office hours are scheduled on an as needed/as requested basis.
  • Working Groups -- cross-government teams will be established based on federal and agency priorities to focus on a targeted problem. Working groups are short-term problem solving teams by working collectively across agencies and functions to identify and recommend solutions for govwide impact. Working groups are identified and sponsored by the ITBCOP sponsors and informed through agency surveys and request..
  • Cohorts -- cohorts are organized based on ITVMO/IT Buyers customer pathways (e.g., Vehicle Owners/Solution Holders; Agency Buyers; Contracting Officers; IT Program Managers; etc.) to leverage the skills and experience across government. Cohorts are organic and self-sustaining, cohorts help to introduce and connect ITVMO stakeholders and customers. Cohorts will be created on an as needed basis.
  • Training Webinars -- Facilitated by ITVMO, these training sessions are designed to address common agency challenges and improve agency understanding and govwide knowledge/capability with key OEM contracts, data, emerging technology, and other high priority IT and acquisition focuses. Training events are ongoing and scheduled as instructors and content is available. Check the Events calendar for upcoming training webinars and available CLPs.

Interested in the latest updates related to federal IT acquisitions? Learn about upcoming events, training opportunities, updates, and connect with fellow IT acquisitions professional by joining the ITB CoP Listserv.


Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact the ITB CoP email at

Help us to unite buyers, vehicles, and suppliers to make smarter, faster IT acquisitions.